Friday, April 8, 2011

Great Talent

My Hannah Beth is turning 5! I can not believe it! After finding the prefect birthday party theme I went shopping around for the perfect birthday present for her. I had to go with handmade items, she loves nothing more than something that someone made for her. She takes it as a gift of love. At 5 she sure is a smart cookie : )  I can't wait to see the things she will eventually create when she is grown up.

First the birthday party theme we choose, yes we! She had her hand in choosing everything. We went with the great  The TomKat Studio We used the Cookies and Milk theme.

3 Little Birds Boutique is the most amazing lady and crafter I have ever Facebook met. I love all her work and have gotten Christmas gifts, Valentines gifts, and my Mothers Day gift from her. After seeing all my jewelry that she has made me, my daughter NEEDED something handmade for just her. I connected Kristen and told her what I needed and when I opened the box she sent to me I cried! It was the most amazing piece she has made for me yet! Hannah is sure to love it.

Lulabelle Sweet Gifts is another great shop that you should look in on. She made my artist daughter an art case! What a prefect gift to get her creative juices flowing! It has room for 2 coloring book, 16 crayons, and also holds a package of markers. I have gotten many things from Tina as well. Crayon rolls, burb cloths and many wash clothes. They are all made so well and stand the test of time and 4 toddlers, what more can I say ; ) Her work is amazing!

Rribbons Buttons n Bows is an amazing ribbon artist. She has made me uncountable bows. She made ballet slipper hair clips. They are so cute! Prefect for any little girl that spends her days twirling around with her head in the clouds dreaming up her own fairy tales.

Yelly Beans Designs is my go to gal! If she can't make it no one can! I have had Jess make so many designs for me that we would be here FOREVER if I listed them all. A full years worth of work! Holy Moly! I used her bottle cap images to finish out the Tangled inspired items.

Well there you have it. The most talented ladies out there!
Please visit them and become a new fan. Fill those Birthday dreams with something they made.


Ribbons, Buttons 'n' Bows said...

Aww Thanks for posting the shout out! I hope Hannah loves them and has a great Birthday!

The Sugar Chandelier said...

Wow, she's going to have a great birthday! I hope I can do that same for my children when the time comes. She sounds like one smart young lady =)

Lulabelle's Sweet Gifts said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful introduction for Lulabelle's Sweet Gifts. Hope Miss Hannah has a super birthday!!