Monday, September 5, 2011

Giveaway for Ribbon Lovers

How would you like to win tons of printed ribbon from my shop?

{What you win}

You will win a Hello Kitty, Strawberry Short Cake, Tinker Bell, LaLaLoopsy, Minnie Mouse, Yo GabbaGabba, plus a few others. Yardage will vary from ribbon to ribbon. All will be at least 1 yard but some up to 3 yards. All ribbon has been printed by me.

{How you win}

I will post the jar if ribbon picture on my Facebook page Love of Ribbon. You will then enter the name of your shop under the picture. How you do this is use the @ sign then type in the name of your shop. Click on your shop name. When you post it should be highlighted in blue and take you directly to your shops homepage.

Then you will post a link to my Facebook page onto your wall telling all your fans to come vote for your shop! All they have to do is like the comment you made under the Jar of Ribbon picture. Whoever ends up with the most likes wins!

Simple as mac and cheese from a box!
Good luck to you all! Have fun and no cheating please. Not nice!