Monday, June 20, 2011


     I was recently introduced to a new life style. Raw eating. It drew me in for many different reasons.
1. Need to lose all this baby weight, because really how long are you allowed to call it baby weight?
2. I have been diagnosed with really bad arthritis and nothing seems to help but this diet says it will.    Worth a shot just for that!
3. It is summer and EVERYTHING is so fresh and tastes so good.
4 and the final why, We are now living where it is so hot and drinking gallons of H2O just isn't enough for me or the kids. Yes I am taking the kids on this journey with me, and the husband as well. 

      The first thing I did was sign up for this amazing FREE 7 day detox with Raw Divas. This has been one of the most helpful sites I have ever used for anything. They have just about every single question already answered for you and everything is so very easy to find. 

      Day 1 was the day for fasting. I did really well with the no eating but what just about killed me was not drinking my morning coffee......I am so very addicted to caffeine. So the next day I cheated and had my morning coffee but did everything else like I was suppose to.
     Now let me tell you a little bit about my fight with arthritis. It is one of the biggest battles I have come up against in my life. It is so painful and has stopped life for me many days. I take medicines but they don't really help and most of it makes me so drowsy that I can't take it until bedtime anyways. I have 4 little one ages 6, 5, 3, and 2. They do not allow for drowsy moments in life. Every morning for the past year I will wake up in the morning with baseball gloves for hands. Ever try and bend your fingers while you had on a brand new glove on? Next to impossible. Well that is the way of life for me. Started to think it was just normal.

    Day 2 I wake up to notice WOW I can move my fingers!

     Skip to day 4..........I cheated. I ate food from Taco Bell. Just let me add a note here about Taco Bell. It is YUCKA! So not even worth the calories or the money it took to buy it.

   Day 5 is a very sad depressing day for me. I can no longer move my fingers and I am in so much pain. Everywhere hurts and I just want to crawl back into bed and cry. I really didn't notice how bad it really was until I went 2ish days with feeling so good and waking up to not as much pain and swelling. It is sad how food really does matter. Well it is sad for a person that just loves loves not so good for you food. Up until I ate the tacos I was at a 7 pound weight lose! Stepped on the scales on day 5 and I was back up 4 pounds. That added to my sadness. So for the next 2 days I think of nothing but seeing food in a new light.

    I am now off the detox and it really was life changing. I know 7 days and life is changed forever. Food tastes different now. The good for you food and the not so good for you food. The fruits and veggie took on a new life and taste so amazing. The bad food really does taste some what bad. WOW! I never thought I would be a person that would say that. I would watch the shows like Biggest Loser and see people put this really good fast food burger and fries and say okay go! They would spit it out and say O my goodness that is so gross! I would be like yeah right what ever they are just putting on a show. Well.....they aren't! I am telling you it is life changing and not for the bad.