Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Picture taken by WhipperBerry

I am so excited right now!!!!! <~~~ I have used a thousand of these ; ) My Facebook page Love Of Ribbon has grown leaps and bounds this past week. I have been in some great giveaways and two reviews. I am over the moon excited about the growth I see and all the great words from others!

Crafting to me is like just like a good book. It is something just for me and I can make my own world sparkle any color I want it to! <~~ 1,002 ; )

The review over at WhipperBerry makes me just want to jump up and down with joy and shout "That's me, that's me!!!" She did an amazing job taking pictures of the things I sent to her, and her words made me giddy!! <~~~ 1,007

I made this Clustered Headband just for her, made in the great WhipperBerry colors. Don't these colors look amazing together!

Make sure to drop by her blog to enter into my giveaway of $50.00 store credit

I am also in a giveaway over at Baby Cachet that ends on Mother's Day

The winner get to pick 3 of my Ribbon Star Flower Clips

Picture taken by Sweet T

I am also in a 6,000 Fan Giveaway over at Gia Bowtique for a Double Ruffled Headband.

Please go by and enter.


3 Little Birds Boutique said...

I am SO, SO, SO excited for you!!! You deserve all the success in the world, your creations are beautiful and you have a heart of pure gold!!! Thank you again for letting me share in your creative world!!!

Jennifer said...

Kristen did you take a class on What's the perfect thing to say? Because you are always saying just the most perfect things that always bring sunshine to my day!
Thanks for being such a great person.

D+B said...

Hi! I really like your blog! I am going to be your new follower :) If you would like to check out mine it is I am new to this, but excited to share ideas on recipes, crafts and mineral make-up.. And give aways free stuff like mineral make-up. I would love if you followed me also :)